As any resident of Iceland would say, the best time to visit Iceland is during the summer months, when the days are long, and the weather is pleasant, with temperatures averaging 15 degrees but which can exceed 20 degrees depending on the day.

If you are planning a different trip for this summer and are tired of the usual sun and beach tourism, why not visit this destination? After all, London and Copenhagen offer Iceland trips at very affordable prices. Similarly, there are special offers and great prices from various capitals of Europe.

If you choose to spend your summer vacation in Iceland, the flight will arrive in Reykjavik, where most of the population lives. However, Iceland is not a remarkable town for tourism; it is the rest of the territory of this country where the best options for tourism in Iceland are located. This is why we offer you the opportunity to participate in our Night Tour in Iceland: the Golden Circle from Reykjavik.

If you are unfamiliar with this term, the “golden circle” is the most common route of tourism in Iceland, in which you get to know the most popular areas, sights, and places. Of course, the journey can be as long as you prefer. Our night tour, however, offers you an option to travel during the evening, and for a total of five hours, over this circuit.

The beginning of the tour takes place at 19 hours (7 pm). You can leave directly from the Cruise Port of Reykjavik, or we can also pick you up from your hotel or any of the hotels in downtown Reykjavik.

We will then board a coach bus equipped with air conditioning and will depart to Thingvellir, a national park that is also the site where the Althingi Icelandic parliament was founded in 930. This makes it the parliament that has been in operation for longer worldwide. It is also here where the tectonic plates of America and Europe, which are slowly diverging, still encounter one another nowadays.

From Thingvellir, we will continue to the famous and beautiful Gullfoss waterfall, arriving there on time to see the golden rays of the sunset, a highlight of every trip to Iceland. We will then continue to the amazing natural hot springs of Geysir and Storkkur. At last, we will also visit the Church of Skalholt, the former seat of the bishops of Iceland.

The visits to all these attractions are complemented by the privileged lighting available at the scheduled time of this tour. You will see the best of tourism in Iceland under a bright and pleasant evening sky, which also reflects a unique atmosphere that permeates the environment.

After completion of the tour, we will return to Reykjavik, leaving you at your same point of departure around midnight.

The cost of this tour is £ 53.65 or €61,00. Teenagers 12 to 17 years old (both inclusive) pay a reduced fee of £26.82 or € 30,50, while babies and children up to 11 years of age travel free of charge with their accompanying adults.

There is a special offer if you both book your place on this tour and travel between June 6 and August 20 this year, 2011. In this case, you will receive a discount of 29% over the suggested retail price of this tour in Iceland.

The cost includes:

  • The tour.
  • Transportation by air-conditioned coach bus.
  • The hiring of a professional tour guide who will accompany you on your journey.

If you stay at one of the hotels in downtown Reykjavik, it also includes a shuttle service to and from the hotel. Please note that the exact pickup time will only be made explicit in our reconfirmation, but it will most likely be between 30 and 60 minutes before departure time (between 18.00 and 18.30 hours).

Not included in the cost of the Night Tour in Iceland: the Golden Circle from Reykjavik is the consumption of food and beverages, nor the gratuities, which are always optional.

Confirmation will be received when you make your reservation, effective, but it is subject to favorable weather conditions. In case of bad weather, you will be given the option to reschedule the tour in Iceland or to get a 100% refund of your purchase. Similarly, there is a requirement for a minimum number of passengers for the tour. Please reach this number to avoid canceling your tour, in which case we will also offer you the possibility to change your tour date or get a 100% refund.

We wish you a safe journey and hope you will enjoy the magic of the summer season in Iceland. See you soon!