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Looking for the best travel tips? Do you need travel advice? Then you’ve come to the right place. Locally was created by former airline employees who believe our knowledge could help people like you find the best travel resources on the web.

Let’s start with airline ticket websites. Did you know about consolidators and negotiated fares? Did you know there are fair seasons (high season, low season) when it is cheaper to travel on certain dates of the year, depending on the destination?

What about hotels, other types of transportation, money, luggage, and security? Locally, we have put it all together for you. With over 25 years of travel industry experience, we have gathered valuable information and brought you a collection of websites to shop around and compare.

Our specialty is international travel, but you can also have access to travel information if you are traveling in North America.

lOCAFLY Informations :

Airline Tickets

With so many airline ticket sites, you could spend hours searching for airfares. Many of those websites use a central reservation system, giving similar results. Some of the sites we list offer specially negotiated fares often called “consolidator fares.” What is a consolidator fare? It is a discounted airfare that major airlines sell only through designated “wholesalers.” Since the wholesaler sells in bulk, the commission he gets from the airline is smaller than other travel agents, thus passing the savings on to you.

We recommend that you look at several online ticket sellers and compare. You might find similar prices, but you often find more variety when choosing the airline.

Important Tips:

When buying airline tickets online or over the phone, ALWAYS verify the flights and dates as soon as you receive the tickets. If you wait, it might be too late to change, even if it wasn’t your mistake.

Be aware of low fares that do not include taxes. Taxes can be very expensive.

Do your price comparison first, then book your tickets. Unfortunately, most websites will only allow you to make an airline reservation if you pay when booking.

Some cheaper fares require connections.

E-tickets might be cheaper than paper tickets, but only sometimes. They are easier to track, so it is an advantage since you might lose or misplace paper tickets. When purchasing e-tickets, you always get written confirmation, which allows you to verify your flights and dates. The main drawback is that it is more difficult to reroute an e-ticket if your flight is canceled and you must fly on another airline. Therefore, we recommend getting paper tickets if you have a long itinerary or are traveling to a foreign country. Economy Travel.com is an online travel agency providing discounted airline consolidator fares, including Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Hotel Reservations:

Choosing a hotel is a challenging thing. Where do you start?

Here are some tips:

Start by choosing the part of town where you would like to stay. Are there restaurants nearby? Is it close to transportation? Is the area safe at night?

Ask friends and family for recommendations.

Get a travel guide. Travel guides are available for a specific destination, such as Paris or Arizona, or more general guides, such as the Michelin guide.

Pick a hotel from a chain such as Best Western, Hilton, Marriott, etc. If you like the services provided by a hotel chain, chances are you won’t be

Car Rentals

Selecting a car rental depends not only on rates but also on car size, model, and whether the car is an automatic or standard shift. Get some tips on how to save money on car rentals.

Vacation Packages

Not all vacation packages are created equal. True travel packages come with big discounts. Learn more about what makes a true vacation package.

Travel by Rail

Exciting, romantic, not to mention convenient. If traveling in Europe, why not take advantage of rail travel? Convenient and economical rail passes are available on these websites.


If you are thinking of taking a cruise, check out these websites for great discounts.


Where to find the best luggage online? Check this section for our recommendations on luggage, from suitcases to carry-ons to travel bags.

Travel Accessories

Check this section for gadgets. For example, airplane pillows travel watches, cameras, and money belts; you will find it all here.


Here you will find a list of credit cards that will allow you to earn airline miles for every dollar you spend. There are also tips about foreign currencies.

Travel Insurance

Travel with peace of mind. Travel insurance will protect you in case of unexpected trip cancellations. Find out what is available in this section.