London is a popular place for tourists to visit due to the notoriety of its exquisite and famous attractions. Many of its iconic tourist spots draw people to the capital year after year and do not disappoint its visitors due to its many sights. Must See Museums

There are so many museums within London that you must visit the establishments suited to your tastes and enjoyment to make the most of your trip to London. The British Museum is one of the capital’s most popular buildings and is known worldwide. Here you can enjoy the exhibitions from the prehistoric to the modern era, which document man’s work throughout this timeline. Some specific aspects of the museum to enjoy are the Rosetta Stone, the mummies in the Ancient Egypt collection, and the Parthenon sculpture.

The Science museum is an extremely interesting place that will strike up questions and ideas about how we live and who we are. This is an ideal place for the family as you can see, touch and experience the major scientific advances of the last three hundred years. After this day trip, you may also enjoy the IMAX cinema connected to the building.

Another fascinating place to visit is the Natural History Museum which has a permanent dinosaur exhibition for all its visitors to enjoy. In addition, there are other rare and unique artifacts to observe as the establishment boasts a collection of the world’s biggest, tallest, and rarest animals. These include a life-sized Blue Whale and a 40 million-year-old spider, sure to fascinate anyone who enters the museum!

Cheap & Luxury Eateries

Alongside the chains of restaurants throughout the UK, London has many unique and tasty restaurants that won’t break the bank at the end of the meal.

The Malaysian restaurant Rasa Sayang on Macclesfield Street opened in 2008 and has been popular ever since. Here you can enjoy traditional Malaysian dishes surrounded by chattering Malaysian families who are regulars within the establishment. The dishes to enjoy are char kway teow with prawns and the ondeh-ondeh, rice balls covered in coconut and palm sugar. While its quality may be inconsistent, it is excellent for the food and atmosphere you receive at a small cost.

Another great place to visit is the Savanna Jerk on Wardour Street. This serves traditional Caribbean Cuisine and has a great rum-stocked bar for everyone to enjoy. All portion sizes are large, so you can get the most for the money you pay. All meat is slow-cooked, so you will get good quality tender meat packed with a punch of heat. The jerk sauce is one of the obvious choices on the menu and is popular due to its great mix of fiery and fruity flavors at the same time.

Alongside the great cheap restaurants within London, there are also many Michelin-starred restaurants notorious for their quality and high prices! These include Gordan Ramsay, an elegant building serving pleasing French cuisine. Try Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, which serves traditional French cuisine, and the expert chefs give a unique and diverse twist.


There is plenty to keep you entertained on your trip to London due to the wide variety of attractions and activities.

One of the greatest and most notorious clubs is the Ministry of Sound which you can enjoy on a night out with friends. Here you can listen to pop, rave, and RnB music which will keep you dancing till the early morning hours. However, as you are in the capital, be warned that the prices of entering the club and drinks can be high, especially during the weekend.

Another way to enjoy your evening is at the National Theatre or Her Majesty’s Theatre. Here you can enjoy music, a comedy, or a play throughout the year. If you wish to visit these establishments, it is best to book a ticket beforehand, as nights tend to sell out.

Alongside these examples, London offers so much more entertainment for all its citizens and tourists. There are aquariums, dance halls, cinemas, and entertainment centers to enjoy within the capital. To find something to suit your taste, you could research beforehand or explore the city of London on your holiday to find some interesting finds.

London Top Tips

London is a big city, and careful planning is essential to get the most out of your trip to London. First, list all the things you want to do and see and then prioritize them. Next, check venues’ opening times and plan your route around the city.

London has a huge pool of hotels and accommodations, some of the best hotels in London can be pricey, but if you shop online and plan early, you can normally pick up a deal, especially if you avoid traveling around important events and out of season.

Getting around is easy enough as the tube goes everywhere. However, paying for single tickets each time can be expensive. If you are planning to travel around London, consider purchasing an Oyster Travel Card.

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