Beautiful Interlaken.

Interlaken, mountains, green pastures, and lakes. To round it off, there are hundreds of waterfalls. A feast for the eyes. We were fortunate to stay in the area for a few days.

During our holiday planning, we realized that Jungfrau-jog would be the highlight of our stay. She did not disappoint us, but there is much more to the area than just the “Top of Europe.” For adrenaline junkies, there are white water rafting and canyoning &rappelling, skydiving, and kayaking.

If you are not that adventurous, you can always take a helicopter ride and enjoy the area’s spectacular views. Eat some of the best chocolate in the world, locally produced. Visit some of the small villages in the mountain, go hiking or be lazy in Hohematte Park.

Going up Jungfrau-jog.

There are two ways to reach this magnificent peak. First, you can climb the mountain, but we recommend it only for experienced mountaineers. The second, and easier way, is by train. A scenic train ride in the mountains is the better option to reach the top.

The first problem I envisaged when waiting for our train to arrive was how the train would handle the steep incline. The problem was solved when someone pointed out that the train had gears. Between the rails was a third “rail.” This third rail was jagged and a sprocket from the drive shaft fitted on it. This ensured sufficient grip for the train to move forward at a steep angle.

The train moved faster than I expected but slow enough to enjoy the views and take photos of the surroundings. Nearing the journey’s end, we passed through a few shortish tunnels. Then we were at the top. We were 3454 m above sea level, the highest train station in Europe.

At this height, the air was thin, and it wasn’t easy to breathe at first. Fortunately, we got used to it. Most people walk slower than normal at this altitude due to the lack of oxygen. The temperature also dropped to below zero.

On top of Europe

Once on the mountain, there is a lot to do. We visited the Ice Palace with all the ice carvings first. These statues last very long as the temperatures are low enough to keep the ice frozen.

There are also various decks from where you can enjoy the majestic views. Covered with snow all year round, these mountains are a sight to behold. It is all breathtaking to look down over the valley, up at the peak, or the glacier in front of you—a must for any person in the area.

While you are on the mountain, try some skiing or the zip-line. There are many outdoor activities on the mountain, most winter sports, but are available all year round.

For lunch, you can choose several restaurants and fast food outlets. But, be warned; the prices are very high.


  • Remember your sunglasses – you will not be able to enjoy the view without them.
  • Take a jacket or something warm – even if t is a warm summer day, it can still be chilly.
  • Pack your own lunch – restaurants are expensive.
  • Go early and stay the whole day; there is a lot to do.
  • Try not to smoke while on the mountain – a cigarette becomes much stronger at altitude due to the low oxygen levels. 

Where to stay

Many hotels, self-catering units, and resorts are available for each taste and budget. Any of the villages in the area will be a good choice as all the villages have an authentic Swiss atmosphere. We stayed at Hotel Alpenblick Berghof in Wilderwil. Wilder will is a lovely little town not far from Interlaken, on the train route to Jungfrau-jog. The hotel is situated on a hill and gives lovely views of the town and surroundings. If you stay for longer periods, our recommendation is to stay in Interlaken. From Interlaken, you can take a train in any direction to explore the area.


The rail system can be recommended. Most countries in Europe have efficient and on-schedule trains. Switzerland is just one step ahead of the rest. Trains are perfectly on time, easy to reach, and enough trains are scheduled to ensure you can move freely in the country.

Car rental is also an option and will offer more freedom of movement. However, depending on where you rent the car, this option can become expensive due to toll and parking prices. Consider your options before renting a car.

Tip: In Switzerland, we do not need to rent a car as public transport is very efficient.

Happy Holidays