The modern city of Faro is a great place to enjoy shopping with friends, dining out at restaurants, and dancing at nightclubs. This is an exciting destination that many tourists flock to enjoy the multitude of urban activities on offer. You may also want to delve into the cultural and historical attractions that can also be found within Faro; the old town is the perfect place to soak up the city’s rich history.


The biggest shopping district within Faro is between the Rua Santo Antonio and the Rua Francisco Gomes. Here you can find designer stores, high street shops, and exciting boutiques; the variety means that you spend whole days exploring for gifts and souvenirs. The bustling and colorful market along the Largo do Mercado is a great way to taste and buy local produce and browse cultural trinkets. This is a great way to mingle with the locals, as many descend upon the market each week. The markets and small stores sell great Portuguese products such as local wines, traditional clothing, basket ware, and embroidered goods.

Faro Nightlife

The city is filled with nighttime activities for young locals as Faro has a large student population. Most clubs can be found along the Rua do Prior and the narrow alleys off Rua Conselheiro Bivar and Rua Infante Dom Henrique. The clubs tend to open at 11 pm, and bars open in the afternoon and stay open until the early hours. The most popular venue is The Upa Upa Cafe and Bar, which draws in tourists and locals throughout the year. You may also enjoy Dux – this nightclub is a great place to dance the night away and enjoy a few drinks with friends.

Popular Restaurants

The Fim de Mundo restaurant is a hidden gem within Faro; the menu centers on meats, and all its prices are reasonable and affordable. The menu changes each month slightly, meaning you can revisit the restaurant and try something new each holiday in Faro. Try the small establishment Costa Algarve; this family-owned business has been in the city for years. This is a great place to try an abundance of Portuguese foods, as the portions are large and delicious. Another great establishment is the Flor da America, a local favorite due to its small prices and fabulous cuisine. The catch of the day is grilled outside in the traditional Algarvian method. As all foods are treated and cooked in traditional Portuguese ways, the restaurant is perfect for those wanting a truly cultural experience.

Historical Attraction

The main attraction in Faro is its Old Town, where visitors enjoy strolling around the architectural wonders dotted around the district. There are a variety of museums within this district which will heighten your understanding and knowledge of Faro’s history. For example, the archaeological Municipal Museum is housed in an old monument, and the maritime museum displays plenty of old ships and boats. You may also want to try out the local beach, which stretches for miles and has many sun beds to recline upon.