The historic city of York is enchanting for an overnight stay or a weekend break away. There are plenty of ancient buildings which enable you to delve into the history of the city. This beautiful area also has many parks and gardens to stroll around in the summer. This cultural hotspot also has a range of events that people flock to each year, including sporting events and famous theatrical performances. On top of this, York has some of the best food, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife in the UK. Parks and Gardens

The scenic spots and plush greenery within York are famous throughout the UK and attract people to the city each year. The Beningbrough Hall and Gardens have intricately designed areas lined with flowers and foliage. This preciseness extends to the lawns, which are expertly trimmed and emerald green. You can also stroll around the Georgian house, a museum containing 18th-century antiques such as portraits and landscapes.

A great place to visit during the summer months is Breezy Knees Gardens. The 14-acre gardens contain thousands of flowers and trees, which are at their best during the warmer seasons. You can also visit the specialist nursery, which houses 200 varieties of rare plants. The Deans Park Garden is a place loved by locals and visitors alike. The expansive lawns are perfect for strolling along and enjoying the sights on show. In addition, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Minster and observe the Cathedral Library and its regal architecture.

Tourist Attractions

York has a wealth of attractions that keep all visitors busy during their days within the city. An extremely popular place to visit is the York Minster – the Gothic architecture draws people to the building. The Byland Abbey is another example of Gothic architecture; however, all that remains are the ruins of this great monastery. Nevertheless, the medieval floor tiles and broken walls still exist and are worth seeing as you can get a real glimpse of York’s history.

York has several regal buildings and halls around the central areas’ borders. Castle Howard is an 18th-century country house that is surrounded by vast gardens. There are tours around the interior of the building where you are told about the house and families which once lived within its walls. Outside you can stroll around the various gardens with a range of themes and styles. You can also enjoy boat trips in the Great Lake and activities within the children’s playground.

Harewood House is another must-see country house due to its exquisite architecture. The building contains a great antique collection, including Chippendale furniture, fine porcelain, and art collections. The gardens are award-winning, with fancy flowerbeds and exotic foliage. The most famous part of Harewood is its Bird Garden which is home to over 80 exotic species of birds.


York also has a great range of shopping experiences. For example, you can enjoy the perfect retail experience as you stroll around the narrow cobbled streets and visit various stores. Petergate is a busy area which runs from one side of the city to the other – here you can find fashion outlets and popular lifestyle stores. Swinegate Quarter has kooky boutiques to delve into and bars for an afternoon drink. You should also try and visit Fossgate and Walmgate – these bustling markets are great for picking up cheap bargains and deals.