Lacking a journey, there would never be a point of interest…without a destination, there would not be any reason to ever go on a journey. Your destination changes throughout your adventure, but another trip will always take you to your next one. So enjoy every mile of each adventure across America, enhancing your travel destinations.

Road Trips Can Bring Families Together

Turn off cell phones, Media players, and radios, and try spending time talking with one another. Play board games without computers, and use the great outdoors to help you decide which traveling games to play; many are available. For example, during our drives with our grandson, we played the “Alphabet Game.” He knew his alphabet so that he could join us; the object was to go through the alphabet one letter at a time and find a word for each letter on the signage alongside the road. With this game, there is no winner; everyone plays together, it’s fun and much time, and many miles pass before you hear the age-old “Are We There Yet?”

Taking the Roads, Less Traveled

Adding more excitement to your trip when you can see the United States differently. Many trails other than the Interstates offer an appealing advantage and much less stress. You won’t be white-knuckled and pressured as the row of semis pass by going a hundred miles an hour, rocking your RV back and forth while you try to maintain a decent speed. So what’s the rush anyway? It’s not always the destination that makes the road trip memorable; it can also be the short stops in between, where you locate the perfect little American town to explore while stretching your legs. Local points of interest can be found on the internet during your trip planning using many RV park and campground directory websites.

Photos of the Destination are Not Always What You Anticipated

Viewing traveler photos of your American destination before departure can help you decide what to expect, but there are times when those pictures cannot even begin to show the beauty of the place you are visiting. At other times those pictures you view could make the destination look nicer than it is when you see it yourself. In the latter scenario, it will be much more bearable if you have a fun journey to talk about when sharing this trip with your friends and family.

While On the Subject of Digital Photo Taking

Since using film is no longer an issue and taking hundreds of photos is cost-effective, this is a great time to discover this as an adventurous part of the country. Allow everyone to take photos along the way, these photos will not always do the scenery any justice, but the laughter and memories that some of them will bring into your lives will be cherished for a long time. There was a time when we gave our granddaughter the camera while driving the RV, and they took hundreds of pictures of many things. Mostly the inside of the vehicle, including many self-portraits and surprise photos of us that we all laughed hysterically at when we later viewed them.

We also have a few photo rituals that we continue to attempt during our travels; use your imagination, and you will be able to find some of your own. One of ours is to take a photo of every board we cross; we can’t stop to take the photo, we must do it while driving. This sounds much easier than it has been to accomplish…there are no road maps for state line signs…they can be right at the line…right before…directly after…down the road a bit…they can be on the right side of the road…inside the median…even on an overhead bridge. The fun is finding it and taking the shot in an RV with only a moment’s notice. It has been challenging, but we know if we miss one or the photo is not the best, then that lets us know that we will have to cross that state line again in our upcoming  RV and camping travels.