Traveling is no more a tough job for pregnant ladies; a few precautions, expert medical advice, and a little care can elude mishaps. It would help if you felt mentally and physically steady for Traveling While Pregnant. Here are a few travel tips for pregnant ladies.

The first Travel Tip for pregnant ladies is – Pack smart. Stop stuffing your suitcase with thousands of unnecessary items, place your essentials in a lightweight carriage, and let the porters do their jobs, as you need not show how tough you are, at least during this period.

You can commute until the second semester during pregnancy with the least risk involved. However, morning sickness in pregnancy returns in the third semester and can complicate things when combined with motion sickness, as your body is already fatigued. In such cases, the second Travel Tip for pregnant ladies is to open the window for fresh air and focus on the horizon. While traveling at sea, a nauseous feeling is unavoidable so take some preventive measures beforehand.

Your doctor’s clean chit is essential before traveling during pregnancy. Usually, till the 8th month, ladies are allowed to travel, but afterward, it involves some risk factor that can result in miscarriage. Some of the airlines in the US even ban traveling after 34 weeks.

Third Travel Tip for pregnant women: wear loose, comfortable clothes and flat shoes, as it is not the ideal time for high heels. The tight waistband and below-waistline belts are strictly forbidden.

Make sure you carry sufficient liquids or can try soft drinks or fruit juices, but tea or coffee would be a total no-no. Diarrhea is pretty common this time and your physical condition remains prone to organisms and germs, primarily found in water and food outside. It leads to severe dehydration at times. The fourth Travel tip for pregnant ladies: Drink plenty of water during air travel, as the cabins have lesser humidity levels which can cause dehydration.

As far as food is concerned, ensure that you are taking light, easily digestible fresh meals. Homemade foods are best to maintain the required nutrition level and junk foods or restaurant food should be avoided as much as possible.

Carry a pillow for comfort. For extra precaution, use lap and shoulder belts. Symptoms like swollen ankles, legs, and cramping in feet and toes are common during pregnancy. For proper blood circulation, exercise regularly. For example, stretch your legs or take a stroll every hour.

The fifth tip for Travel While Pregnant:

I prefer to sit on an aisle seat on a plane. In cars use the back and keep your legs stretched. First-class seats are best for you; if it is unaffordable, get a seat near the lavatory at least. For mental well-being, listen to music or read books to relieve stress.

Last Travel Tip for emergency purposes, keep a copy of all your medical records, keep the track of your health insurance scheme, locate the nearest hospital, and don’t Travel When Pregnant alone. Not to worry, one can surely opt for all modes of transportation such as air, car, or train, but if you are a bit adventurous, a bullock cart or balloon should be opted for at your own risk.